Finnish Seamen’s Service (MEPA)

The Finnish Seamen’s Service arranges a variety of sports, cultural, recreation and educational activities for seafarers.

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission

The Seamen’s Mission is a meeting place for all Finnish people abroad and is a neutral non-profit association, whose mission is to be the church and meeting place for moving people. Whether you are an inter-railer, somebody working abroad, an au pair, a student, a tourist, a seafarer, a professional motorist or an expatriate, you will be cordially welcome.

Seafarer’s Pension Fund (MEK)

The Seafarer’s Pension Fund is an authorized pension provider that handles statutory earnings-related pension provision for seafarers working onboard ships in foreign trade. The Seafarer’s Pension Fund awards and pays seafarers earnings-related pensions under the Seafarer’s Pensions Act (MEL).

seafaring education and research support association (MOTK)

MOTK, the seafaring education and research support association, develops education and research related to seafaring and other functions related to it. In addition, MOTK maintains possibilities for those working in shipping related professions to obtain supplementary qualifications through education.

Merenkulun säätiö – Seafaring Foundation

The foundation’s purpose is to support and promote the Finnish seafaring and shipbuilding industry by granting scholarships to people carrying out research and studies in these areas.

Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) – University of Turku

CMS offers education, research services and conferences to support decision-making by seafaring professionals.

Finnish Maritime Society

”The society’s purpose, as the ideological and functional link to its members, is to work for the benefit of the Finnish maritime culture and promote activities related to the sea.”
The members of the Finnish Maritime Society mainly comprise the representatives of seafaring, ports, seafaring services, shipbuilding and sea defence and other hobbyists in the area.